What Is Serious Molecule?

What is Serious Molecule? -  The aim of Serious Molecule is to aid the smaller psychedelic compound collectors & researchers of Europe & further afield to access small amounts of interesting, legal  psychedelic materials  such  1P-LSD, ALD-52, Eth-Lad & Al-Lad  with which to engage in permitted research.


Experience - We  are highly experienced in the Research Chemical scene, extremely knowledgable about both the positive & negative consequences of working with ill-researched chemicals. We are very concerned to reduce the risks associated with working with Research Chemicals!


We encourage anyone interested in Research Chemicals or Psychedelics in general to research the subject thoroughly before making a purchase. Further information on 1P-LSD etc can be found at numerous Harm Reduction & Information websites such as Bluelight.org & Erowid.org.

We ar not putting links up, please do your own research!


Why Serious Molecule? -  Chemicals that bring such profound results using such miniscule amounts of material are quite simply very serious molecules!


Conditions Please see full Terms & Conditions at the bottom of every page. As per the usual conditions by which even a small time vendor must comply, none of the chemicals sold by Serious Molecule are for anything other then reagent & other laboratory uses. Any use of these compounds in-vitro (in humans or animals) is very strictly prohibited. Don't put them on your plants either for that matter! These are powerful, little known research chemicals of the Lysergamide family & may have wildly unpredictable research results! With a compound strongly active at 100ug it's wise to use the smallest possible amount for any experiment at all.


Once again for the avoidance of any doubt, Serious Molecules are for laboratory use only & are sold strictly NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!

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By using seriousmolecule.com you agree to all of the following Terms and Conditions (T&C's). Please read through these T&C's before buying any products from seriousmolecule.com. By making a purchase you agree to all seriousmolecule.com Terms and Conditions.


Age Restrictions


You must be 18 years of age or over when you purchase anything from seriousmolecule.com. By ordering from seriousmolecule.com you agree that you are the person placing the order and that you are at least 18 years of age. It should be understood that you should not provide any false information. You confirm that you will not supply the products you purchased to anyone under the age of 18. seriousmolecule.com have the right to cancel any order or refuse to sell to anyone we feel may be less than 18 years of age, less than honest, or misusing seriousmolecule.com products in any way.


By purchasing the products offered by seriousmolecule.com you agree that they are for laboratory use & research only. No products offered by seriousmolecule.com are intended for use in Humans. All seriousmolecule.com products are sold strictly Not For Human Consumption. Every action should be taken to ensure no damage to property or increased risk of harm of any kind to any persons is possible through the purchase of seriousmolecule.com products.


By purchasing from seriousmolecule.com you agree to all terms. seriousmolecule.com products are for Reagent & Laboratory use only by persons 18 years of age and over. seriousmolecule.com does not condone the illegal use of chemicals under any circumstances. seriousmolecule.com is not responsible for the actions of individuals/groups once they have purchased products from us. Any information provided by seriousmolecule.com is for information purposes only. The customer is obligated to ensure the legality of seriousmolecule.com products in their own country before placing an order. seriousmolecule.com are not responsible for customers who violate the laws in their own country. All seriousmolecule.com products are for laboratory & research purposes only. By using seriousmolecule.com as a buyer you endemnify seriousmolecule.com against prosecution and accept all & any responsibility for all & any products ordered. By purchasing from seriousmolecule.com you agree that all orders are supplied strictly for research only & accept that no products offered are for human consumption.
seriousmolecule.com may change these terms at any time. seriousmolecule.com are under no obligation to notify you of any changes. By using seriousmolecule.com you accept all terms. By using seriousmolecule.com you accept that you are responsible for any infringement of these Terms and Conditions.

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